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Upon joining please read this:

Please favor us with an introduction of you and your rabbit/s. Please let us know breed/mix (if you know it, or heck, give us your best guess ;) ), how your rabbits came into your life, what their living situation is (pen dweller, free range apartment fuzzball, etc.) and their names of course!

This is a community exclusively for owners and lovers of house rabbits- rabbits who live indoors as animal companions. This community is intended to facilitate discussion of house rabbit issues such as box training, bonding, living in a mixed pet household, diet, health, and bunny-love in general.

Though not affiliated with the House Rabbit Society, this community does recommend and promote the work, research, and advice of the HRS. Please keep that in mind. Other opinions and research are certainly welcome, as long as it's in the house bunny's interest, it belongs here!

It is not a community for discussion of breeding; there are already too many unwanted rabbits in shelters and in foster. There will also be no discussion of showing or selling rabbits.

Also, there will be no posts regarding profiting from rabbits through selling them. If you need to find your rabbit a home due to circumstances beyond your control, you can post here.

Please see the list at the bottom of this profile for other rabbit-centric communities which might suit any needs this one does not.

Now, the rules:

1. No community promo posts. See community_promo to post about new communities.

2. No trolls, personal attacks, flaming or offensive posts will be tolerated. Please be respectful and all will be well.

3. Please do post pics of your bunnies! But if the picture is large enough to distort the page, or if you have more than one or two pics, please place them behind a cut.

4. Rules may be adjusted as time goes by.

5. NO DRIVE BY SPAMMING. Even if you have the best of intentions, any posts not directly related to House Rabbits will be deleted.

Any issues, concerns, questions regarding this community can be directed to the maintainers, feraluna or heebiejeebie.

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