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16 May 2013 @ 10:29 am
From Whisper's point of view.

Momma picks up blankie. RUNAWAY, heehee! Can’t catch me run into cage! I’m so clever! She can’t catch me… she caught me. This means no good thing! Wraps me in blankie! Upside DOWN! Oh noes! She has toe-nail thingie! Feets ticklish, Momma! I kick! Can’t kick! Wrapped in blankie! Oooo, she clipping toenails, feels funny, don’t LIKE! I chew blankie! Rrrr! Tug blankie, chew chew chew! That shows her, doesn’t it! HEY!! That PRIVATE AREA! YOU NO TOUCH PRIVATE AREA! GRRR! I chew BLANKET! TUGTUGTUGCHEW! HUFF. All done.

Not done? Box? She has a box. I like box? She SHOVES ME IN BOX? I DON’T LIKE THIS BOX! She closes box! I CHEW! Can’t find part to chew. I DIG! Too small to dig, can’t move. She carry me in box… no good from this! Thirteen pounds, who care this thirteen pounds. LET ME GO. Out of box, runrunrun to cage. SULK! Wash, I do better than Momma. Humph. Breathe hard, pantpantpant. Good, Momma worried. NO DON’T PICK ME UP AGAIN, oh pooey, she has me again. Tucks me up, covers eyes. Kisses. Pooey Momma. OK, maaaybe kisses nice. Sulk. OK, enough kisses. I sit next to Momma. Maybe. BLANKIE. EVIL BLANKIE next to Momma. I push it, chew it. Shoveshoveshove it off chair. TRIUMPH! All is won! Brave Whisper! Jump to floor. Smidgie, look, I beat Blankie! Love me? Smidgie, love me?

Stretch out by Tug-Mat, look regal. Won, triumph. Brave Whisper. Regal, ruler of all…hiccup…. Hic…. Hic…. Hic...Oh damn…

Whisper is now seven months old!
07 May 2013 @ 10:50 pm
28 April 2013 @ 08:17 pm

Dear Whisper

Perhaps I didn't make myself clear on prior transgressions, but yes, if I catch you EATING things like MY HEADPHONES' CORD, I WILL turn into a demon and dive into your mouth and go fishing for the piece you are chewing on until I find it and pull it back out again.

No, you did not do a dignified retreat into your cage to sulk. You are GROUNDED. There is a difference. Get used to it.

Your temporary demon-mom.

21 April 2013 @ 03:45 pm

Smidgeon stalks. Muscles and whiskers quiver. Tummy brushes the floor. Body tight from tension. Slow steps, one at a time, freezing in between. The prey rustles paper and she vibrates at the sound. She edges across the room, inch by inch, excruciatingly slow…. And at the last second, rushes forward.

Whisper leans his big head forward and they sniff noses through the bars of the cage, then Smidgeon bounces off. Whisper flicks an ear towards me. “Knew she was coming the whole time,” his body language says, “but wasn’t she having fun?”

22 March 2013 @ 06:44 pm
Woe is a bunny made to try on his first harness. When it was removed, he immediately retired to his cage for a full and very thorough bath, then a sulk. No rompings with YOU, poopy-momma!
21 March 2013 @ 07:36 pm
Whisper chews on a box. I bring up the water bottle and shake it. He dives behind Smidgeon.

He has learned to hide behind his Feline Sister so SHE gets the water blast. The STINKER. No wonder she gnaws on his ears.

18 March 2013 @ 12:41 pm
I know, it's been forever. The Phooka's death hit hard in ways I didn't even notice until after major house repairs in November, during which I not only caught the Norovirus, but also injured my sciatic nerve so badly that I was completely homebound throughout the ENTIRE repairs and most of November. Plus I was trying to keep up with eBay Hell Season. It was the best selling season I've ever had, but by the time mid-January hit, I was grieving. And Smidgeon, poor kitten, was missing The Phooka so badly, she had started chewing on her paws and vomiting up her food minutes after eating.

It was time for a new bunny.

Except that there wasn't a French Lop within... well, not in NY State! The nearest one in rescue was in NH. My next hope was a Flemish Giant. There wasn't any within 80 miles of me. I could barely drive five miles to the grocery store. The local breeders wouldn't even have one until March. I had to have a giant breed, because this was to be an Emotional Support Animal, like The Phooka had been. My fibromyalgia is so bad that I can't comfortably handle a small animal. I needed something at least Phooka-sized, and all rabbits around me were small breeds. He also had to be a baby, for training purposes. I searched for weeks, starting back in December, and by mid-January, I was huddled in bed, too filled with angst to make it out of it one day.

Then one of my friends asked if I had checked craigslist. And within ten minutes, she pulled up a Flemish breeder within 20 minutes of me.

Yeah, I had forgotten about craigslist. I've sold off of craigslist, but I was so overwhelmed with stress and grief and simply trying to survive that ... I forgot craigslist. And Mere, who is marvelous at remaining calm and oak-tree strong... didn't.

The breeder was only available the next day. In the middle of a snowstorm. So I gritted my teeth, drove down, and came back with Whisper, a light grey Flemish Giant, about 12 weeks old. The breeder wasn't sure of a lot - he didn't even know how to check teeth (he does now!), wasn't even sure if Whisper's da was a Flemish or a Giant Chinchilla and asked ME if I knew (which I didn't). But Whisper's ma was 19lbs and his da was even bigger - the biggest rabbit I have seen outside of photographs! Whisper was the runt and the shiest. He was terrified - he tried to hide under his litterbox the first night. He had maybe been petted before, but never picked up. In three days, he was asking for pets.

Baby Whisper, terrified.

Two months later, here is Whisper:


He weighs ten pounds. He is already longer than The Phooka was, as heavy, and taller. Those ears are about 8 inches long. He is taller than Smidgeon (my tallest cat). As wendyzski said, I can practically hear him growing.

He's only five months old.

Whisper and Smidgeon are best friends. As far as Whisper is concerned, Smidgeon can do no wrong. She can gnaw on his ears, tackle him, chase him, and he will only melt further. In turn, he chases her, tramples her, jumps over her, and BEGS her to wash his face. Which she is willing to do, a quick lick or two. Which is never enough and he will wiggle after her on his tummy to shove his big head under her for more licks. Smidgeon stopped chewing her paws the day Whisper came home and has almost completely stopped vomiting. Nox also likes to bounce and chase and play with Whisper. Mew isn't ... scared of him, but he is very big and... well, as Tiki learned many years ago, baby large rabbits have an incredible guidance system, amazing acceleration, and really really lousy brakes.


Face wash and the bliss afterwards.


Bunk Mates


True siblings:
"Moooom! He pulled my tail!"
"Moooom! She poked my ears!"


Daytime is time for napping and warming one's pretty white tummeh in the sun.


Momma's blanket... STOLEN!


Momma's recliner.... STOLEN
His markings are shifting as he molts his baby coat. Right now, he has a neat little upside-down V over the wiggly part of his nose, which makes it look like a teardrop. He also has bracelets on his front legs.


This is one of his favorite things, a tug-mat that I made for him out of an all natural seagrass (dragongrass) mat and sisal rope. He loves it (the cats do too). He also loves to play tug of war with me and when he wins the rope, he brings it over to his mat, lays it down carefully, then lays on top of it in triumph.

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07 March 2013 @ 11:07 pm
Hello! I will probably be bothering you all with questions over the next couple of months.
My family has recently adopted a rabbit from a shelter. My husband and daughter both wanted to get one. Sadly my daughter has already lost interest but he is still getting plenty of attention from my husband and I. He has been in our house since last saturday.

His name is Nibble McToes. He is a 3 year old Dutch/Mini Rex.

Here are my 1st questions!
1. We have a 4 month old who will be mobile soon and I am really nervous about him getting around bunny poop/pee. Are there any diseases that a human can get from either? Nibbles is a nuetered house bunny. I have searched the net and not really found any info.

2. potty training. Not going as planned. He keeps peeing all over the place in the cage. :( I don't think he has a uti because he has never peed out of the cage. Just in the cage he pees in all 4 corners and between corners. My husband has been cleaning out the cage daily could that be a problem?

picture is big so I put it under a cut!Collapse )
05 November 2012 @ 07:26 pm
Does anyone have experience flying with a house rabbit?  I'm flying from Philadelphia to Minnesota for Christmas break and am trying to figure out what to do with my bun.  The safest option seems to be to bring him on the flight in the cabin, although that seems to only be allowed on Frontier and United flights, and you have to pay a $125 pet fee.  Several airlines let rabbits travel in cargo, but that sounds cold and bumpy and unsafe to me, and I would prefer not to subject my kiddo to that environment. 

I just moved to Philadelphia in August and don't really know anyone well enough to ask them to rabbit-sit for me, and even then I'd be nervous to leave him.  He's generally pretty healthy, but he had a bout of gastric stasis in August that required an ER trip and meds, and since then he has had a few evenings of turning his nose up at his salad.  I gave him a tummy massage and meds right away and he was fine within hours, but I worry that a petsitter would miss the subtle cues that I know to look for and he would get very sick before they would notice. 

So, I'm leaning towards flying with him in cabin, but was curious if anyone has experience doing this and has any tips or pointers of what to do or not do, or any other suggestions for our situation. 

Elliot, and Geoffrey
18 October 2012 @ 08:04 pm
As promised, another picture of General Bismark, the ring bunny for my wedding!