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05 August 2013 @ 04:13 pm
Note to Bunny  
Dear Whisper,

No. Just don’t.

I don’t care how much fun it is.

You cannot steal the dividers out of my sewing chest’s drawers.

Even if they are made out of paint stirrers and are nice light-weight wood that you can run around with in your mouth like a puppy with a bone. And wave over your head in triumph. And then start chewing. Because apparently paint stirrer wood is very tasty.

Just because Momma will bribe you with apple twigs to get her divider back, does NOT mean you can keep stealing more, even if paint stirrer wood is even tastier than apple twigs.

Although watching you try to jump on top of the chest and somehow end up tangled in the cats’ toy basket that was next to it… that was kinda fun.

Trying to gain the Smidgeon-kitty’s sympathy and consoling face-licks MIGHT work, however. She appreciates a good theft.