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10 June 2013 @ 09:31 am
Rabbit, snugglebun, thief, thy name is Whisper  

There I am. Innocently eating breakfast in my recliner. When suddenly a GIANT RABBIT LEVITATES next to me. OHAI! I rescue my spill-y type stuff while he nuzzles me. I scratch along his back as he lengthens longer under my arm…. Longer… longer… AND NABS THE CATALOG on the arm of the recliner. YEEHAW! He leaps off, lands in a run, waving the catalog over his head. CAN’TCATCHME! I race after him, trying not to spill my cereal and grab the catalog. He plants his front legs and tugs. I push against his nose, the sign to let go, and he does, with the “poopy momma” expression.

I go back to breakfast with my catalog.

A few minutes later, a GIANT RABBIT LEVITATES next to me. OHAI! Nuzzlenuzzlenuzzle. Hopeful look? I edge the catalog away. Injured expression. What? I came for loves! Nuzzlenuzzle. I rub his face and he sighs happily. Stretches out under my arm, growing longer with comfort. Longer. Reaches for the catalog. I move it out of the way. He sits straight up in outrage, ears straight up. How DARE you IMPLY such a thing, madam! I come here for LOVES. I hold my hand out at petting level and I am forgiven, his head shoving under my hand again, eyes half-closed in bliss, stretched out under my arm, leaning into the rubbing, nose under my elbow, and he’s GOT THE CATALOG! YEEHAW! The CLEVERNESS OF THE BUN WINS AGAIN!
emlett: weddinsemlett on June 12th, 2013 12:09 pm (UTC)
d'aw bunny deserves catalogue nibbles